We have highlighted a few stories to illustrate what may motivate someone to become an advocate and how the relationship with a protégé can develop over time. 

Each match between an advocate and their protégé is very special, allowing them to build trust and an enduring friendship.  Together, they explore and identify where support is needed and as you see, this had led to successful and rewarding outcomes.

We hope reading their stories inspires you to get in touch with us and begin your own advocacy journey!


Kate went into hospital for what she hoped would be a short stay and ended up being there for over 9 months. This was mainly because there was nowhere to house her.

About three months into her hospital stay, Citizen Advocacy sought a crisis advocate for Kate to support her through this challenging time and to remind all parties involved that Kate had a voice and choices over what should happen in her life.

Crisis Advocate Val went to visit Kate in person, establishing a friendship, which allowed her to fully understand Kate’s situation and point of view. Val reassured Kate that her voice would be heard.

Since then, Kate and Val’s friendship has grown, and Val has contacted numerous parties involved in Kate’s well-being to help move things along for her. Thanks to Val’s hard work, Kate did find accommodation and is now settled in her new home.

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