Be Inspired..

There are many wonderful stories of how citizen advocates have enhanced the lives of their protégés with disability. Here’s a small selection…


Warren is a very articulate young man in his early 20’s with a passion for helping others get the best out of life. As a person with disability, Warren has lived experience of the highs and lows that come with that, and the challenges many encounter when trying to access and engage with organisations or services for people in similar circumstances to his own.

These experiences and an interest in giving something back to the community, led Warren to contact Citizen Advocacy and start his journey to becoming an advocate.

Dan lives on his own in supported accommodation and he really wanted to meet someone who would hang out with him and keep him company. He likes playing video games but also wanted a friend who would encourage him to get out of the house a bit more and have some fun.

Both Warren and Dan are wheelchair users, and they meet up every week or so to enjoy some time together. They go out for walks, chat a lot and recently tried painting as a new hobby for Dan. Warren has been working with Dan on ways to build Dan’s self-confidence to communicate with others and to feel more comfortable when he goes out in public.

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