Be Inspired..

There are many wonderful stories of how citizen advocates have enhanced the lives of their protégés with disability. Here’s a small selection…


Gavin was being financially exploited by a family member before he was introduced to his advocate Pam.  At that point, Gavin was struggling to survive on the little money he did have and was feeling very vulnerable and scared of the person demanding more money from him.

Pam has helped Gavin develop confidence and courage to regain control of the situation.  She has helped Gavin put boundaries in place with the family member to stop the situation from escalating further.

In addition to this, Pam helped Gavin address longer term issues with his finances such as budgeting and exploring other ways of managing and protecting his money.

They speak to each other by phone regularly and see each other every three weeks or so.  Gavin loves going out with Pam and especially enjoys browsing the shops and grabbing a coffee with her.

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